Neal Galley, Minister
The pastor of Vandergrift Presbyterian Church since 2004, Neal is both a gentle and enthusiastic leader and a driving force in shaping the spiritual life of the church. As friendly and kind as he is knowledgeable and compassionate, Neal effectively interacts with his parishoners one-on-one and in a group.

A strong believer in the power of prayer, Neal encourages VPC's ministries and its individuals to show love for others through prayer. He pushes the congregation to "stretch its collective wings" and to reach out to and to care for those within and beyond the walls of the church.

To contact Rev. Galley, either click the "Email the Pastor" link at the bottom of each web page or call Nancy. To view interviews of Rev. Galley, click here (about the church) or here (personal).

Nancy Berberich, Secretary, Retired
Hired by Rev. Rod Murray, Nancy's tenure spanned "two pastors" - Rev. Murray and Rev. Galley. Tasked with assisting the pastor, Nancy was the church's secretary for the forty-five years and was a veritable "institution" at Vandergrift Presbyterian. Whether manning the phone, answering a question, lending a hand, putting together the weekly bulletin, or decorating the altar for a holiday, Nancy flavored the endeavor with her own unique personality and special sense of humor.

On March 19th, after the regular Worship Service, Vandergrift Presbyterian Church honored Nancy and her service with a celebratory luncheon that was catered by Starr Catering and attended by many.

To view a printable "pictorial" of the event, click here.

David Shick, Organist Amy Galley, Music Director
A gifted musician, David plays the organ at the regular weekly worship service as well as at practices and at certain special occasions. As director of the Senior Choir, Amy not only brings out the best in VPC's talented singers but also selects and purchases the music that's performed.
Pattie Albertson, Treasurer April Schwartz, Custodian
As the "keeper of the books," Pattie makes sure VPC's "financial house" is in order. The woman who keeps our church clean and bright and sparkling.