Neal Galley, Minister
The Pastor of Vandergrift Presbyterian Church Since 2004, Neal is both a gentle and enthusiastic leader, and a driving force in shaping the spiritual life of the church.  As friendly and kind as he is knowledgeable and compassionate, Neal effectively interacts with his parishioners one-on-one and in a group.
 A strong believer in the power of prayer, Neal encourages VPC’s ministries and its individuals to show love for one another through prayer.  He pushes the congregation to “stretch its collective wings” and to reach out to and care for those within and beyond the walls of the church.
Amy Galley, Music Director
As director of the vocal choir, Amy not only brings out the best in VPC’s talented singers, but also selects and purchased the music that’s performed.
All who have interest in participating in this joyous ministry please consider joining in praise and worship to our Lord.
David Shick, Organist
A gifted musician, David plays the organ at the regular worship services, as well as special occasions.  He is a wonderful accompaniment to our choir, as well as a blessing to our congregation.
Kathy Waddell, Admin Asst.
Kathy joined the  VPC Team in May 2017, to assist Reverend Galley, and the Ministry Leaders, with the administrative functions of the church.  With years of office and ministry experience she is excited to be a part of making a difference for Christ in the church and community.
Pattie Albertson, Treasurer
As the “keeper of the books”, Pattie makes sure VPC’s “financial house” is in good order.  Pattie has been serving our church leadership faithfully for many years.  She and her family have been a great blessing to our congregation.
Warren Neal, Custodian.
Warren is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the church building, as well as upkeep and beautification of the surrounding grounds.
Class of 2018
Debbie Beatty
Michael Bono
Ron Collins
Bill Spang
Class of 2019
Jim Kelly
Jerry Long
Beverly Pounds 
Eric Ringbloom
Class of 2020
Dennis Keitzer
Lauren Oden
Shirley Shuster
        Class of 2018         
Carolyn Kelly
Melanie Mazanek 
Class of 2019
Shirley Fetterman
Mary Long
Class of 2020
Gloria Mundy
Valerie Patton